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A long time ago in a city far, far away ( . . . err, on 4 May 2016 in downtown Chicago . . .) the Jedi Order and Sith converged at Grant Park and engaged in combat. Assuming the role of battlefield photojournalist, I covered the melee from both sides, attempting to tell the stories of heroes and villains alike.

Both the Jedi and Sith consisted of seasoned warriors and novice volunteers, young and old, of different backgrounds among the ranks. Some were merely younglings but showing the fierce courage of Wookies. The Jedi appeared as noble as their reputation implied. While the Sith were absolutely menacing, one cannot help but to admire their conviction to their point of view.

The battle lines reformed at the steps of the Shedd Aquarium. The Jedi charged first, but the Sith had the high ground. They clashed (and froze) once again before shifting the fight to lower ground, closer to the water. After another melee with no clear victor, the bulk of the warriors acknowledged each others’ prowess with the Force, saluted, and disbanded. A few smaller skirmishes persisted well afterwards, though. As the strife between the Jedi and Sith is deep, it is only a matter of time before they gather against each other again.

The complete volume of photographs from this "battle" is available in the gallery as part of the Cosplay Series collection.